Bomkai Saree At Best Price

The identify of Bomkai Saree is taken from the village identify Bomkai in Ganjam District in Odisha state. The Saree is weave by conventional Ikkat or Bandha and Kapta internet course of.

On this saree, varied designs like bitter gourd (Karela), completely different flowers, fishes, turtles, lotus, peacock are woven. The Sarees are made out of pure colors.

‘BANDHA’ is the final time period utilized in Odisha to explain the strategy of ‘Ikat’. The hand-weaving (‘warp & weft’) methodology is utilized for the creation of ‘Bomkai’ sarees.

The threads which are perpendicularly inserted into the ‘Handloom’ are the ‘Tana (Warp)’ and that are inserted parallel is the ‘Bana (Weft).’ In the course of the means of weaving. The ‘Bana’ passes by the ‘Tana’.

In different phrases, the firmly elongated threads (lengthways) type the ‘warp’ and the cords which are inserted by the ‘warp’ to create the specified designs are the ‘weft’. The ‘weft’ cords are generally ‘resist-dyed’.


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